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    • Stream Star

      Welsh Pony | Mare | Washington

      Stream, an 11-year-old Welsh pony mare, is a fantastic jumper! She stands just under 13 hands and is a smart, forward-moving pony ...

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    • EmeraldsTakeMyBreath

      American Quarter Horse | Filly | Nebraska

      She is eligible to be shown in Palomino and AQHA shows. While she is sorrel, her sire is a money winning registered Palomino and ...

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    • Maxima (Max)

      American Quarter Horse | Mare | Texas

      Bomb proof kid mare. She is a grade 10 year old mare. She is sweet and very melo. Nothing scares this mare. She would never hurt a...

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    • Tango

      American Quarter Horse | Gelding | Texas

      Tango is a big strong beautiful gelding. He will do just about anything you ask him to. He’s been great to have around the ranch...

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    • Cash In the Red

      Tennessee Walking Horses | Mare | Tennessee

      Cassie is a very well bred mare that is currently SIF to McCurdy's Rocket Man. Foal will arive in late April. Although not fully t...

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    • Mariahs Solana (Buckskin filly)

      Andalusian | Filly | Texas

      This Pure Spanish Andalusian Buckskin Filly Born: March 17, 2020 for sale Her sire is Carmelo PM II imported from Spain bred by ...

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    • Icarus JMG

      Andalusian | Colt | Texas

      Icarus JMG born: 6-17-2020 This chestnut colt is stunning with spectacular movement Hi sire is the gorgeous palomino stallion M...

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    • Idilio de Carmelo (buckskin Pear)

      Andalusian | Colt | Texas

      Now Offering for sale Idilio de Carmelo Pure Spanish Andalusian colt Buckskin Pearl DNA color tested (has both pearl and cream ...

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    • Determined again (Aspy)

      Thoroughbred | Gelding | Tennessee

      17 year old 15.3 Ottb for lease determined again (Aspy) has a very sweet puppy dog personality and no maintenance he currently liv...

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    • Buddy

      Tennessee Walking Horses | Stallion | Florida

      12 year old Tennessee walking horse stallion, looking for good home , I’ve had him since birth, imprinted, loves attention, trai...

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    • Sr Asanti

      Arabian | Gelding | Utah

      14-year-old, 15.3hh, purebred, Arabian horse with papers. He is registered under the name Sr Asanti, sired by Magnum Psyche, grand...

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    • Speaking ofthe Devil

      American Quarter Horse | Gelding | Minnesota

      El Cuartel Race Stables LLC is proud to offer Sepaking ofthe Devil sired from Takin on Spoon Man. Foaled on February 24, 2012. Gre...

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    • Leroy

      American Paint Horse Association | Gelding | Pennsylvania

      Consigned on Thehorsebay dot com Leroy is a 5 year old gelding registered with the American paint horse association. He measures...

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    • Valhalla

      Quarter Horse Cross | Mare | Montana

      Valhalla is a 3 year old quarter horse cross. Loves to get pets but isn’t broke. She has great potential. If interested please m...

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    • Cloud

      Quarter Horse Cross | Gelding | California

      Cloud is a registered paint quarter horse. He is ideal for trail riding. For the past 15 years, between rides, he roamed freel...

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    • Fashion's Gold Promise

      Morgan | Gelding | Texas

      Sunny is a beautiful dappled palomino. He needs more experience but shows a lot of potential. He is well-mannered. His slow trot g...

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    • Jimmy Dean Red

      Morgan | Gelding | Texas

      Jimmy is a striking chestnut with a small star. He has been saddled but not ridden. This is due only to my procrastination and not...

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    • Lilliput

      Connemara | Mare | Texas

      Lilli is a small mare with a big heart. She wants to please. Don't let her small size fool you; she carries adults easily. She is ...

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    • Vesennaya Lyagushka (Spring Frog)

      Morgan | Mare | Texas

      Lyagushka (pronounced with a silent "y") is a beautiful bay mare. She has been color tested as AA. Through no fault of hers, Lyagu...

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    • Only For The Boys A.K.A Riley

      American Paint Horse Association | Mare | Washington

      ALL AROUND SHOW MARE 2012 by Appointment Only. Moves out well for English and can slow it down for Western Pleasure and Horsemansh...

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The Palomino Horse: History, Uses, and Description

"Palomino" is the term used to describe a genetic coat coloring, widely acknowledged to be one of the most enchanting and beautiful colors that horses can come in. Continue reading for more information about Palomino horses.

Description of the Palomino Horse

Palomino horses are a striking gold color all throughout the body, with a white or cream-colored mane and tail. Palominos can come in all ranges of gold, from light to dark. The darkness or lightness, as well as the intensity of the gold color, all depends on the horse's genetic makeup. As more is learned about genetic properties and their effect on a horse's color, horse breeders are discovering just what color horses need to be crossed in order to create a palomino. Palomino is simply the name of a coat coloring, otherwise known as a "color breed", and because of this, horses of all breeds can be recognized as Palomino, though there are some breeds in which the chance of breeding a Palomino is very thin, such as Friesians or Appaloosas.

History of the Palomino Horse

Since the very first successful breeding of a Palomino, which is unfortunately undocumented, Palomino horses have been widely admired due to their beautiful and iconic coat coloring. While the exact origination of the breed can not be traced back, there is evidence of Palomino horses being used in the Crusades as war horses. Most Palomino enthusiasts and specialists will agree that Palomino horses are descendants of the Arabian and Barb horse. In the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s film industry, Palomino horses were heavily favored for the use in television programs and movies alike. Two examples of Palomino horses who claimed their ticket to fame were Trigger and Mister Ed; Trigger was well-known for starring alongside Roy Rogers in classic Western films. Mister Ed was a "talking" Palomino horse who had his very own comedy show in the 1960s and was beloved by both the adults and the children who watched the program. In 1936, the Palomino Horse Association (PHA) was founded in order to create a documented registry for Palomino horses. Later that decade, the Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA) was founded as well. The PHBA developed a more strict set of requirements for registration than the PHA, as the foundation was created to promote "purity" in the breeding of Palominos, and to improve the color breed over time.


As horses of a wide variety of breeds can be considered Palomino, Palomino horses are used in a myriad of events, competitions, and disciplines. Palominos can serve for jumping, racing, ranching, dressage, barrel racing, and much more. Due to their beautiful coloring, they are favored for parades, parties, and celebrations. As previously stated, their coloring earned them a spot in classic Hollywood, and Palomino horses are continuously used in television and film today as well. While the word "Palomino" can not be used to describe an actual recognizable breed of horse, there is still plenty of history and regulation behind horses who are recognized to be true Palominos.