7 Most Affordable Horse Breeds For Beginners

7 Most Affordable Horse Breeds For Beginners

Owning a horse is not a cheap adventure by any means. Horses do cost money to buy and keep and for some people this may be seem out of reach. In the last article we outlined the cost of owning a horse, which is the first step to take in your research on horse ownership. This article takes things further by pointing out the most affordable horse breeds and why we think they’re worth a look. At the end of this article we hope you’ll have an idea where to start looking for a horse to buy.

In this article, we’ll explore some horse breeds that are not only perfect for beginners but also budget-friendly. We’ll introduce you to seven of the most affordable horse breeds, giving you the opportunity to embark on your horse-riding journey without breaking the bank.

1. Mustang Horse Breed ($800 – $2,000):

One of the most affordable horse breeds out there is the Mustang. Mustangs are wild horses that have been tamed, and they come at a reasonable price range of $800 to $2,000. These horses are known for their hardiness and spirit, making them an excellent choice for adventurous beginners. With a bit of patience and training, you can form a deep bond with your Mustang and experience the thrill of riding a piece of American history.

2. Pony Horse Breed ($500 – $3,000):

Ponies are like horses in pocket-size! These cute and compact equines are not only fun to be around but also more affordable to care for compared to larger horses. You can find a lovely pony for as low as $500, with prices going up to $3,000 depending on factors like size and training. They are gentle, often great with kids, and perfect for those just starting their horse-riding journey.

3. Quarter Horse Breed ($1,000 – $4,000):

The Quarter Horse breed is one of the most popular breeds worldwide, and for a good reason! These versatile horses are gentle and easy to handle, making them a top choice for beginners. With prices ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, you can find a reliable and loyal companion for various riding disciplines, such as trail riding, ranch work, or even barrel racing.

4. Appaloosa Horse Breed ($1,000 – $5,000):

Appaloosas are famous for their striking coat patterns and friendly personalities. These eye-catching horses can be found within a price range of $1,000 to $5,000. They are sturdy and dependable, making them suitable for beginners looking for a steady and reliable partner for various riding activities.

5. Paint Horse Breed ($1,000 – $6,000):

Last but not least, the Paint Horse breed will steal your heart with its colorful coat and sweet temperament. While slightly pricier than some other breeds, ranging from $1,000 to $6,000, Paint Horses are worth considering for beginners who seek a horse with an artistic flair and a gentle disposition.

6. Standardbred Horse Breed ($1,000 – $4,000):

Standardbreds are renowned for their skills in harness racing, but they are also suitable for pleasure riding. Due to their popularity in racing, retired Standardbreds can be relatively affordable, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on factors like age and training.

7. Morgan ($1,000 – $5,000):

Morgans are known for their elegance and versatility, making them a great choice for beginners interested in various equestrian activities. Prices for Morgans generally fall within the range of $1,000 to $5,000, depending on individual factors such as age, training, and pedigree.

Where To Buy A Horse

Now that you know which horse breeds are most affordable and beginner friendly, you will need to actually find the horse. Here are the best sources for horses for sale:

Online Horse Marketplaces

In this digital age, the internet has made buying horses more accessible than ever before. Online horse marketplaces offer a wide selection of horses for sale from various breeds, ages, and training levels. Websites like MyHorseForSale.com in North America and Horse & Hound in Europe are popular platforms where you can browse through listings and connect with sellers from different locations. While online marketplaces provide convenience and a vast range of options, it’s essential to exercise caution and thoroughly research any potential sellers to ensure a safe and transparent transaction.

Local Horse Farms and Stables:

One of the most traditional and reliable places to buy a horse is from local horse farms and stables. These establishments are often run by experienced horse owners and trainers who are passionate about horses. Visiting a local horse farm gives you the advantage of seeing the horses in person, observing their behavior, and interacting with them before making a decision. Additionally, the staff at these farms can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you choose a horse that suits your needs and experience level.

Horse Auctions:

For those seeking a diverse selection of horses and potentially competitive prices, horse auctions can be an intriguing option. Horse auctions gather sellers and buyers in one place, allowing you to see multiple horses in a short period. However, it’s essential to approach auctions with caution, especially if you’re a beginner. Some horses at auctions may have limited information available, and their behavior and health histories might be unclear. If you’re considering an auction, it’s wise to bring along an experienced horse person or trainer who can assist you in evaluating the horses and making informed decisions.

Cheap Horses Scam Alert

While you can actually purchase horses at very affordable prices, stay away from horse for sale ads that promise to sell a horse for very a low price. Horse breeds such as the Friesian horse breed tend to have a lot of scam ads posted online and usually for very low prices. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. The equine industry has a lot of horse for sale scams that beginners usually are not aware of. I’d like to recommend an article on horse for sale scams so click here to learn more.


Owning a horse is a dream come true for many, and with the right breed and a bit of planning, it can be an achievable and affordable experience. Remember that the initial cost of purchasing a horse is just the beginning; you’ll also need to budget for feed, shelter, and veterinary care. But fear not, as these seven affordable horse breeds – the Mustang, Pony, Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Paint Horse, Standardbred Horse, and Morgan horse – offer you the chance to have a wonderful equine partner without stretching your wallet too far.

As you start your horse-riding journey, take the time to find the breed that matches your personality, goals, and budget. With dedication, love, and patience, you and your horse will forge a remarkable bond, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Happy riding!